Eating myself to death!

I don’t know how to write blog’s, but I guess you just talk in writing.

I am 56, I am married (third time) I have 1 daughter and 2 Grandchildren. A girl who will be 3 in June, and a boy of 6 weeks.

The reason I want to write a blog is mainly for me, I am over weight, obese, morbidly obese. I have been “dieting” most of my adult life. And if I don’t lose weight I won’t see my Grandchildren grow up. A bloody good reason to start, but not as easy as that.

I am an emotional eater, any emotion, happy, sad, angry, content etc. I just eat. I have a full time job as a PA, to a young man with cerebral palsy. Besides working I do no exercise at all. This has to change! But how? After all these years how do I change.

On Wednesday I am joining Slimming World for the millionth time. And I want to write here about it, good bad or ugly. I will be honest and open, and hopefully this will help me succeed, it’s my last chance. I don’t want to die!

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