The Asian Holocaust Killed Twice As Many People As The Nazis Did

This is NOT to defend the wrongdoings of Imperial Japan during this part of history, but I find some of the claims you have made to be very misleading. For instance you cite the words of Yoshiaki Yoshimi, and assert that he has found “incontrovertible evidence” that comfort women were coerced into rape, but this has been an ongoing controversial topic within Japan for decades. The existence of comfort women in themselves I do not personally disagree with, as various documents have pointed towards this being the case. The point of controversy mainly lies in whether or not the government intervened and/or established a systematic institution for prostitution, or if it was, as you suggest, a completely one-sided instance of subjugation and imperialism. To briefly illustrate the perspective that claims the former, there have been documents from the time disclosed to the public, which state that comfort women in fact received a significant amount of money (anywhere between 1000–2000 yen per month- for reference, the average salary of a Japanese soldier back then was 15–25 yen) for engaging in prostitution. The owner of the building for this business earned anywhere between half to 60% of the money earned by the comfort women. This can be seen at . With this put into consideration, you may notice a very evident difference between the two claims, but I am not going to blatantly reject the claims you have made in your article, or deny that there were any victims in this war. Clearly, Japan as a country and its people today have the obligation to know of and learn from their history, and that includes this specific incident of the Rape of Nanjing. I am an advocate of transparency and would very much recommend any individual, regardless of race, to actually study history, formulate personal opinions and discuss with others. What I am not an advocate of is being spoon fed information by the media or by popular opinion, refusing to explore any further into the topic and asserting things that may not even be true as though they were absolute truths. I appreciate your efforts in raising the public awareness of this segment of history, but I would not recommend anybody to read this article, if I were to hope that they gain a more comprehensive understanding on the topic, as opposed to a vague sense of animosity towards Japan or its people.

Finally, people in the comments who try to link this to the Japanese people of today should not be taken seriously. As unfavorable events like these may seem in retrospect, murder and rape have been ubiquitous throughout the history of mankind, and history has always been written by the winners, not who was actually in the right. Rather than justifying such atrocities for this reason, we should be focused on not letting them happen again, and trying to shame the Japanese people does NOT contribute in any way to a peaceful world we should be striving towards, but rather invokes racial/ethnic divisiveness between people.

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