Social media users either aren’t aware or don’t care about sharing credible sources of news. That has to change.

Police brutality. Gun Violence. Racism. How many generations do we have to lose before enough is enough?

Kathryn Jones-Porter, Broken Anchor Photography

As the EPA rolls back standards on air pollution, America’s air quality forecast could be hazardous to your health

When it comes to defending Donald Trump and Roy Moore, recent polls indicate white women are part of the problem

As Ralph Northam heads into the final stretch of his campaign to become Governor of Virginia, he talks the issues in a Rantt News Exclusive.

This year’s retailpocalyse has many in the industry questioning the future of brick and mortar stores. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Kaz Weida

@RanttNews | HuffPost | Scary Mommy| All things #MeToo and #NeverAgain | I write for the Resistance.

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