Summer of love — Photo journal 2017, week 24

Quintessential leftover. Photo by Kathy Drasky.

Nothing says San Francisco like a little tie-dye and street kookiness.

I stepped out last Sunday to my local street fair. Just a hop, skip and acid trip (joke) up the hill and around the corner, the second Sunday of June has been designated Haight St. Fair Day for as long as I can remember. This year was the fair’s 40th anniversary, which means in true hippie fashion, it took 10 years to get its act together after the Summer of Love.

Stripes and stars (left) and girl with a small dog in a dress (right). Photos by Kathy Drasky.
Busy. Photo by Kathy Drasky.

It was great to get my Ricoh GR II out (even if it was accidentally set to “cross process” — my preferred setting for foggy days). As you can see, it wasn’t foggy. Flower power never looked so, um…intense.

Deep fried. Photos by Kathy Drasky.

In spite of the Haight St. Market’s best efforts to feed us lots of fresh and organic fruits and veggies, the deep fryers take over the street and have the longest lines.

No fog, no problem? The smoke from various sources when mixed with a little Hipstamatic gives off that patchouli vibe. Can’t you just smell it!?

Summer of love. Photo by Kathy Drasky.

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