There he is. My ex. Well kind of an ex. We were never official, just hooking up for a couple of months, nightly. Though, we haven’t seen each other in about 2 months. We met at a conference for work back in December. We work in different offices but same company. At Sportworks International, all employees have mandatory CPR training and he enrolled in the same class as me. I don’t know if he did on purpose but, here we are. We get partnered up for the training. His name is Ethan. He is sexy as fuck. Tall, about 6’3, beautiful brown eyes, thick brown hair, and that’s not the only thing thick on him. He’s wearing gym shorts and a tee shirt. They’re loose, but tight enough to show what he’s got going on underneath. And I want it all. Again.

We get into position with the dummies, and I realize I’m thinking of what positions I’d like to get in with him. Surely that will happen later due to his looking me up and down staring at my cleavage as I bend over the dummy ready to resuscitate. He watches me breathe into dummy’s mouth. I lick my lips when my mouth leaves the mouth piece. I start compressions 1,2,3,…I can see he’s getting hard watching my plump tits jiggle, I look at his eyes and soon enough we make eye contact. His jaw tightens, and eyes get dark. He adjusts himself and clears his throat.

It’s his turn to work I watch him kneeling over the dummy, doing exactly what I just did, licking his lips after being on the mouth piece, looking at me as he does it. He’s playing with me and I like it. His body is spectacular, legs, abs, shoulders, square jaw and luscious lips. That enormous bulge in his shorts has me begging for time to speed up and get this training over with. I can not wait to get on that.

Class is over he walks me to my car. It’s too late now to offer to go to coffee to “catch up”. Not that we want to anyway. So we skip over all of it and he takes me and pushes me against the car, his body up against mine. His hard-on pushing into my abdomen. Mouth to Mouth just like in the class only this time we’re on each other. I was so jealous of that dummy just minutes ago but now he’s all mine and I’m feeling it everywhere.

I wrap my legs around his body, my pussy pulsing like its trying to run and jump onto his dick. His tongue all over mine searching my mouth, he kisses down my chin, my neck, collar bone, he sticks his tongue in the slit my tits make in my pink sport bra. I urge him inside the car so people don’t see us. We get in the back seat I straddle him and he takes off my shirt and bra in seconds, kissing me all over sucking on my hard, pointed nipples, biting gently, then harder. I grind on him hard and fast, feeling the bulge his shorts. I can not wait to get him inside me. He un-buttons my jeans, slides them down, and I struggle to get both legs out. When my legs are free I get right back on him, he slides my thong to the side and spreads my lips, finds my clit and works it with his fingers like a pro.

I moan with pleasure. I reach down to untie his shorts and get his dick out, it’s dark so I can’t quite see, but oh I can feel the thickness and length of his shaft, the smoothness, the curves of his tip. I get off his lap and go the side of him, he continues circling and rubbing my clit, I take his cock in my mouth and I suck it deep. He grabs my ponytail with his other hand and wraps it around his fist gripping tightly. He makes a deep, throaty groan and I suck faster and harder. He lets me do this for a small amount of time as he doesn’t want to come before he gets the chance to fuck me. He pulls my head up by my ponytail and puts me back on his lap. He slides his fingers into my dripping pussy, moving them in and out, tapping forward on my g-spot. Then resumes playing with my clit at the same time. I moan in absolute pleasure. I put my mouth on his and moan while we kiss. I come twice.

When he pulls his fingers out of me he puts the base of his fingers on my lips, he wants me to lick my juices off. As I start, I realize, he is licking the other side of his fingers. I can feel the sides of his tongue touch mine and it sends me over the edge with an urgent need for his cock inside me.

I ease his dick into my wet, pulsing pussy, in and out I grind on him slow then faster. He is thrusting his hips up into me at the same time. I scream his name. His cock feels fuckin’ amazing inside me. He is on my clit again rubbing, circling, lightly pinching it. I throw my head back in pure ecstasy. I am screaming, the car is rocking up and down, windows are starting to fog. I come hard, my body shaking and quivering. I feel his huge cock explode deep in my core. He lets out the sexiest moan I have ever heard. He grabs my hips and pulls me downward as he finishes inside me. He collapses back against the back seat. I fall into him.

We sit there in amazement. This was the best it’s ever been. I am in awe.




Welcome to the honey pot🍯 My sexual stories, words and thoughts. Some real, some imagined. ❤️

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KB James

KB James

Welcome to the honey pot🍯 My sexual stories, words and thoughts. Some real, some imagined. ❤️

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