Speed Breakers to ‘Success’ : 5 common ‘state of mind’ scenarios that could potentially slow down success

Image courtesy : Google images, bing, passel. Source unknown.

About the slide-icle : This shares some thoughts about common ‘state of mind’ scenarios that potentially impact success. There could be many others in the list, however, the ones listed are more common.

I am summarizing the slide-icle content below for ease of reference..

  • Lack of understanding of the larger purpose — the BIG WHY
  • Indifference. No energy or commitment to give the best for future
  • Indecision
  • Doubt esp. self doubt
  • Worry. What if … ?? What is the other person doing ??

Successful people develop the ability to handle these scenarios tactfully, thereby driving out negativity and progress towards their goals with more certainty.

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