After 13 months of full-time travel, I’m finally getting around to blogging and sharing some of my stories, and I’ll be sitting down to answer some of your top questions about life and my adventures as a digital nomad.

Also, I want to take a second to address some of the latest drama and confusion about “Digital Nomads,” and what that means.

My personal definition of a digital nomad is anyone that makes a living online and doesn’t have a regular homebase or address.

For me, personally, this isn’t about being a part of a movement or a political statement or even a “culture” I want to align myself with. In fact, after visiting some of the “Nomad Hubs” I’ve found I don’t want much to do with the culture as it tends to be a lot of young people trying to get rich quick on the internet by any means possible, while backpacking around on a budget.

This is not me, and is obviously a very broad generalization. There are many successful nomads as well, see this Fast Company article for example, but I just wanted to establish MY definition as that’s the lense I’ll be coloring my talks through.

I wanted to travel and ran a location independent business, and it made sense to go nomadic for awhile because I wasn’t keen on returning to the US yet. I am now slowing down immensely, reevaluating after a very long year and will likely establish roots again somewhere new and travel periodically… because I prefer to travel for fun and have a home office.

That’s not meant to discourage you, it’s something that I’ve learnt after 13 months abroad, living in 17 countries and visiting several dozen cities. I miss having a home.

But I digress..

In today’s video, I talk about how I got started and share some key tips for changing your life, kicking off the location independent lifestyle and traveling as a nomad.

To recap, everything starts with a simple decision. You don’t need to know everything or have all the answers, or even have a big plan. Make a decision about what you want and commit to doing the work that makes it happen.

You create your own destiny with every decision you make.

So what’s really stopping you?

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