Heal in LOVE

Love is simple. Love is magnetic. Love gives energy. Love heals. Love gives its all. Love conquers. Love wins. Love is Love. These descriptions remind me there is hope and possibility in world peace, diversity & inclusiveness, integration of multiple cultures, longer marriages, emotionally stability..the list goes on.

I am on a quest to live out these descriptions, wholeheartedly. If I can tell you the amount of ‘love and loss’ experienced the past few years, you’d think they’d already be woven into my core life fabric, but sadly no. I recently encountered an uncomfortable, though necessary ‘love and loss’. It boiled down to fear, anxiety and the idea of losing control. In turn, I didn’t value what was offered; I didn’t reciprocate the excitement of new beginnings and let unnecessary stupidity in; and to top the cake, I lived instead my head — the worst thing you can do ever.

All roads led to ‘loss’ right before ‘love’ began.

What I can say is, there is always a silver lining. I couldn’t commit to something I wasn’t truly ready for yet. I felt the sensation, but could not execute. I know the fiery, passionate, intimate, supportive, partnership, sacrifice, and will to fall, be and stay in love exist in the core of my being, but they are not ready for a release date yet. I think this is part of a healing process from all the years of both. Now, there is a new development underway, love and light — I need to get over the ‘loss’ first.

Stay tuned…

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