Permission to Fail

The Wright brothers were the unlikely innovators, but their discovery of controlled flight has etched them into the foundations of history.

“In a world of infinite possibilities, with so many unknowns and uncertainty, what makes an innovator an artist, is their ability to navigate the complexities with elegant form, and to give simplicity to the complex.”

Species evolve through small adjustments from generation to the next. Its Phylogenetic Inertia is the capacity in which that species can adapt. Small adjustments over many iterations yields phenotypic and behavior adaptations.
Based on a number of external factors such as resources and predators, Ecological Pressures can incentivize cooperation or competition.

“The capacity in which a species Phylogenetic Inertia iterates in relation to its Ecological Pressures is what illustrates nature’s scientific method as she perpetually experiments.”

Every individual apart of a complex system is a product and producer to that system. As seen in evolutionary biology and technology, the framework for innovation is the same; the rate of iteration is the differentiator.

“If innovation in technology and biology is a game of process of elimination, the one that is faster to eliminate non-solutions is the quickest at arriving to discovery.”

Contrary to their predecessors, the Wright brothers adopted an approach that allowed them to increase their learnings through constant iteration. More iteration meant more learnings.



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