Rihanna Just Changed the Game… Again. Fenty Skin Launch Party Has Entered the Chat!


As soon as you pull up to the party, you hear the music jumping from outside and the good vibes pouring in. Security lets you into the door and then let’s you wander off to explore. Make sure to be on your A-game though because who knows, you might even run into Rihanna.

The Fenty Skin Spa

What really screams skincare more than a spa? The Spa Room was so good, it made you forget you were at a house party! The spa was super peaceful and had all of the Fenty Skin Start’rs to put them to action and see what the benefits are really all about. It’s one of those spaces that once you go in, you never wanna leave. If I could stay in the spa all day with Sean Garrette, I most definitely would!

The Cocktail Bar

The cocktail bar was such a vibe with signature cocktails and CYO recipes to download at your leisure. The ‘Barbados Cherry Spritz’ was my personal favorite. If you aren’t 21 you wouldn’t be able to get into the bar, not even at the virtual party. Drink responsibly!

The Dance Floor

This is where the action was happening for sure! The DJ had a fly mix on the ones and twos and everybody was dancing and having the time of their lives. The virtual chat room + virtual dance floor were a dynamic combo. People were partying all night! Rihanna was on the dance floor turning up and brought some special guests like Lil Nas X to party it up too!

The Pool

The pool was the last stop for the party and was off limits until the end. The Fenty Skin product placement was lit in the yard. Besides, what summer party is really complete without swimming?



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Kyrah Arthur

Kyrah Arthur


Graduate student at USC Annenberg. Digital Marketing Strategist. CEO of KYZEN Social. Black Girl!