Collaborate or Avoid?

I recently had lunch with a good friend and business colleague. During our time together we discussed goals we are working on and people we might want to call upon to help us.

He made a very interesting comment on how he approaches collaboration at this stage of his career. He mentioned that he finds himself thinking about goals the way he thinks when he is in heavy traffic or construction — how can I get around you rather than spend the energy of getting you to go with me in my direction. My friend mentioned that his preference is to collaborate and have people move in the same direction.

However, he instinctively and quickly knows when it’s time to simply “turn down a side street and leave those other cars in the rear-view mirror.” The analogy made me think of how most business owners and entrepreneurs may deal with obstacles in their way. As always, we would love to hear from you. When it comes to situations when partners, employees, vendors, and the like, create some resistance, do you prefer to collaborate or simply avoid them in order to clear your own path towards achieving your goal?

If you find that your business could use some collaboration to achieve your goals BTC is here to help. Call 714–681–2821 or email to discuss how the B+C+S Formula and our related programs can help you to exceed objectives. And for more tips on Branding, Culture building, and Strategy grab a free copy of the e-book When Your Formula Doesn’t Add Up.

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