Start With One in Your Marketing Mix

In most cases it takes a marketing mix comprised of a group of interdependent promotional tactics to build a brand externally. Finding and building that mix can seem like a daunting task to many small business owners. This leads many entrepreneurs to employ six or more marketing tools at one time and hope they work. Generally in these scenarios most tactics aren’t supported properly and, therefore, do not convey a cohesive brand message.

To build the proper marketing mix for a small business it often makes sense to start with one tactic that can be tracked and fully supported. Once that mechanism is working then add another. This way you are building a marketing mix that is being built tactic upon tactic and conveying the exact message you want.

It’s the breadth of marketing, not necessarily the depth, that can be confusing. Building the marketing mix one tactic at a time can help build a brand properly as well as save the sanity of the business owner or manager.

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