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Lindsay can paint so well with words that we feel highly nostalgic when reading her work. My nostalgia, however, is balanced by brevity, age and experience. I will try to explain why it feels this way to me specifically. I am Generation X. Lindsay is clearly late Millenial generation, the same age as my older children. I relive the angst my children experienced when she relates her history with Britney and how Britney affected her formative teen years. I also relive the good memories of having kids that age. But, by the same token, I would tell Lindsay (as I do my adult children)that everything you experienced in those years DID NOT damage you for life or even affect you as much as you may think. To put someone like Britney Spears on an iconic life changing pedestal is a tad too far. She was popular, she tanked (like many in our narcissistic Pop Culture) and we avoid tanking like her by pulling our head out of ourselves and by serving our families and communities. Granted, she does hold a specific unique place in the Music World, but playing the whole Misogynistic Conspiracy card is a bit much. But, as far as painting a picture about how the artist makes her feel and most of us feel, Lindsay is spot on.

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