“This is strictly a business decision”
Tim O'Reilly

They’re playing by the rules. Management has a responsibility to maximize shareholder value, not value for _all_ stakeholders.

To me, the answer is to make it profitable to stay put — even if that’s done by forcing a tax over 3–5 years equivalent on campiness that move jobs off-shore.

If they had to pay a ‘job exit tax’ large enough to make these moves unprofitable, that would have an impact.

These companies aren’t just shifting money between stakeholders, they’re also shifting significant costs to tax payers and communities to fund unemployment benefits, worker retraining, and lost tax revenue. And communities (as well as individuals) incur a social cost as well.

These ‘transactional’ costs should be built into the equation. Non-shareholder stakeholders are being impacted financially and should have recourse.

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