Kindness will always keep you so much happier

A lot of people ask me why I don’t destroy his world when I so easily could. “He did and still does so much to try and hurt you, so why not just do it back?” It’s not worth it to me. When someone has it in them to be so cruel and heartless that’s not something I want to be apart of. I don’t want to be on that level. And people have to remember there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s the person that’s doing all these things that has something wrong with them. In their mind and in their soul, and as a person. It’s not normal to hate so very deeply. Its something that you learn and convince yourself based on guilt that you acquire. To love so much and then be so polar opposite is not anything that you did to the person. Its their own issues within them self. Issues that they know they have that they try to avoid every day. Because if they let it catch up to them it would eat away at their very being. Someone that you have a such deep obsession to know everything about in order to find out secrets that you no longer have the privilege of knowing. Someone that you sought out to destroy for no reason. Its not normal, nor is it healthy. But they know that. They know that a woman who did everything for you, isn’t someone who now is your enemy. Its just the only way you can breathe everyday. How else would you live with yourself? Without peace of mind you’d be stuck in a prison inside your head, so an alternative world has to be created. The only problem is no one buys it except him. So it becomes harder and harder to feed into it. So he fabricates reasons why he should hate me. If he figures out things about me that’ll make me look bad maybe then he can convince himself. But there’s nothing bad to find out or discover because I’m a genuinely good person and pretty much anyone who meets me, likes me. Yes I have flaws just as everyone else does, but you won’t really find anyone who would have any genuine interest in trying to “sabotage ” or “hurt” me like him.

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