New Years

Ah, bringing in 2015 while being screamed at. Yes, the first half of my new year was spent with him being ridiculously paranoid that he smoked weed. He didn’t want his parents to find out…woops😂😂 after calming him down from that it was the drunken walk home. Now, here I am holding him up because he can barely walk, which was fine honestly. Everyone was drunk, its New Years. If you know me well, I freeze in August so obviously in January im going to be a snowman. I said it was stupid for us to pay for a cab when the walk home was only a few blocks so we all agreed to walk. I started to shiver because I was cold. I had no problem walking and I stated that through and through. However, I can’t control my body naturally shaking, it’s just going to happen. Well he starts screaming at 3 am on the streets. “I F***ING TOLD YOU WE COULD GET A CAB. YOURE SHIVERING THIS IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS.” Now at this point, I was honestly pretty sober because I had stopped drinking. So I said to him, “please calm down you’re being really loud.” Its New Years, cops are everywhere so I was trying to think logically. “I DONT GIVE A F***! SCREAMING KEEPS YOU WARMER AHHHHH!!!” Now I’m mortified because we’re near houses. So I’m walking in front of him practically running. And again I hear “YOURE BITCHING ABOUT THE F***ING COLD, TRY YELLING IT KEEPS YOU WARM!!!” thanks I’m good. So we finally get back to his house and he’s puking his brains out beside his bed into the trash can. I was rubbing his back making sure he was okay and offered to get him some water. Gosh me retelling this story im such an all star girlfriend just saying haha. I have a queasy stomach so staying next to him was difficult for me, taking the smell into consideration. He had some water because I advised him to do. Then before bed, he did something to me that i’ll spare you the graphics of…just know it was painful -___-

In the morning, we awoke to text from his best friend that said, “you guys okay? heard a lot of screaming on the way home.” He sent back a picture of us laying in bed. No actually, everything wasn’t okay. I spent the night being screamed at yet again. In the morning when I brought it up I got, “okay stop making fun of me that’s so embarassing that I was yelling that through the streets. And stop making me feel bad for screaming at you. Don’t bring it up.”

STOP MAKING YOU FEEL BAD, ARE YOU KIDDING? That reason you feel bad, it’s called guilt. Your friend hearing you scream at me, it’s because it happened and he knows you always do it. I deserve an apology, drunk or not, I’m not going to be spoken to that way. ESPECIALLY when all I do is take care of you in addition to everything else I dealt with while graduating college. I wondered why he added to my stress…well because in addition to student teaching, homework, work, my sorority, and my certification tests, I was also raising a child. You’re welcome kid.