When he admits he uses people

I remember asking why he bothered wasting time with someone he didn’t like. He was literally disgusted by this person.(His words) He said to me “Kristina I can’t be alone. I always need someone to talk to or hangout with even when I don’t like them. I just can’t be by myself.” So you use people? I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve heard of that. But to me, time is the greatest thing you can give to someone else. So I would never waste my time on someone I didn’t like or find interesting in the least bit. It’s just a very desperate, lonely, thing to do. And selfish above all else. But then again look who we’re talking about.

The worst is the way he spoke about the women in his past. This one was a slut because she slept with the best friend at the time. The other one was ugly and a bitch. The third was ratchet and crazy. (Again all his words) I mean seriously? You start to notice a pattern. It’s very odd when a person has such intense issues wherever they go. The situations that followed this person were so bizarre. He had issues with management and authority everywhere, he had weird “false” allegations about him. And at some point you have to realize, its not everyone else. There’s a common denominator in all these things. Him. I highly doubt it’s always the other person that you’re degrading so much. But a true narcissist simply can’t ever see the truth behind all he does wrong.

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