The night I felt violated my own home

I was sobbing my eyes out over my grandmother. She’s my everything so the thought of her not being how she used to, breaks my heart. All I was looking for was comfort, and being held. Instead after two seconds of his arm around my shoulder he goes onto the floor and actually moves my legs apart forcefully. Hysterical I say, “what the hell are you doing? Are you kidding me right now?!” And he just looks at me and says, “I figured that’s what you wanted to make you feel better.” In what sick twisted world would anything sexual make me feel better right now? In what sick twisted world would you think that would make me feel better right now? I was completely in awe that this is what was offered to me while I was balling my eyes out uncontrollably. I was so disgusted and amazed honestly. I felt violated in every sense of the word, especially emotionally. The scary part is he actually thought this was acceptable.

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