Those who try to bring you down are already below you

Most people find themselves in the debacle of whether or not to really feed into the way someone treated you and still is treating you. But the bottom line is, someone who’s trying to hurt you and call you names is just so unhappy in their own life. When you know someone’s better off than you, you feel the need to degrade them to your level. Makes sense right? But who the hell has time to constantly talk about you in a negative sense? Someone’s who’s very lonely and miserable. So instead of getting even you just have to feel sorry for them. Because honestly, it is sad. If they put all the time and effort they spend trying to figure out where you are and what you’re doing all the time into being happy, they would genuinely have their own life; Rather than trying to live through yours.

What adult woman has the time to harass a 22 year old? A very unhappy, lonely, immature one. And to be completely honest you just feel bad for them. The solutions to your problems aren’t out in the world. And they aren’t solved by attempting to make others just as miserable as you are. Your solutions are right under your roof. And they start with yourself. You have to help those who need you and not be blind to the truth.

So next time you think you want to get even or you think someone’s trying to get a rise out of you, just take a deep breath. Because these people are not only sad and unhappy, they’re clearly immersed in everything you do because you’re just so dang interesting.

Life’s too short guys just be happy.

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