“Having a grandmother who pops pills all the time is the same thing as having a grandma that’s really old.”

This is the way he spoke about his grandmother. Whenever I would discuss my feelings about my grandmother not being well or acting like herself anymore he would try to make it seem not important. “My grandmas always on something so I know what you mean about her sounding confused all the time.” Um…okay? First of all, I don’t really feel the need to know her business. Second of all, why is it so important to minimize what I’m going through? And third of all, why are you so demeaning about every woman in your life? This was a constant happening for me. You can learn a lot about the way a male treats women by taking a look at how he treats the women in his family. And as I’ve mentioned time and time again he was terribly degrading about the women in his family; to a point where it was sickening. Now everyone complains about their parents, granted. And siblings too. But never in my life would I ever say a cruel word about my grandmother. She helped raise me and she is the most inspirational women I have ever known. I know not everyone is as close to their grandma as I am but I could never think of someone speaking about their grandparent in such a derogatory manner. But like I said, he is a very hateful soul so you can’t expect much from a person like that. Exactly why I couldn’t be surprised with the way he spoke to me.

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