The reason he won’t take anything

Time and time again I was told how he’s not on any medication because, “it makes me feel like a zombie, I can’t feel anything when I’m on it.” Which I understand and I respect. However, when you NEED it you really can’t make that decision for yourself. I mean the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He’s not the only one who’s on it. But when someone doesn’t think they need something you can’t convince them.

I always used to tell him he should probably look into going back on something but he argued with me about it constantly. It’s apprent with him constantly switching from A to Z out of nowhere that he needs additional help that a medication can provide. “I just stopped taking it one day because I didn’t like it.” You can’t really do that haha. It’s not ideal or safe for you. This probably contributes to the way he behaves and his violent outbursts.

I’m on medication for anxiety because I was told I had a bad anxiety disorder. And guess what? It helps my anxiety haha. Wow!! Magic. I can personally say how much not constantly worrying has made me so happy. Not to mention all the problems I had with stomach ulsars are finally under control. Get yourself the help you need.

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