When they can’t even look at you

You go to get back your stuff with a friend which you STILL haven’t received after leaving messages and reaching out to family. And I get it, you’re going to take your kids side. But deep down you have to know who the problem is. Your child who’s given you trouble left and right or the successful woman you all loved to death? And they know deep down but family’s family I get it.

So obviously I get nothing back and he won’t even look at me. Literally he stares at the ground and can’t face me. He’s so guilt ridden that he literally can’t even speak. And then the scariest thing happened. I see a glaze over his eyes like I’ve never seen before. It was like a dazed cloudy look. And when I questioned him about my things and how he said he’d pay me back he answered, “I never said that.” But not even in a rude mean way. He genuinely didn’t remember these conversations. And it was very frightening. I really don’t think he does remember some of the things he does because they constantly contradict each other. I honestly believe that he has no idea he’s sent me things, and sent things to my friends. I really truly don’t think he recalls any of this. And quite honestly it’s a very frightening thing to come to terms with. Even the fact that he restrained me in the past. He denies it ever happened. I think in his head he genuinely doesn’t know it happened.

It’s almost like this persons created an alternative world where like I said they hate you. “Kristina nothing about any of this is normal so obviously the explanation wouldn’t be rational. The behaviors irrational, and scary.” As an adult you know that but you still feel bad for the person. Regardless of it all, this person you used to love needs help. And they’re not getting it. So it’s very unsettling. But like I said previously you have to wash your hands of it at a point and just hope for the best for them. And that you get your stuff and money back haha.

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