Katja’s life

  1. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago my entire life. I’ve lived in four houses in sixteen years. At age 5, my parents decided to move my sister, themselves, along with myself, to Arlington Heights, in the summer of 2005. I don’t really remember what the old neighborhood was like. Throughout the next eleven years, I became addicted to music, so much that I jumped at the chance every year to learn to play violin. That, unfortunately, never worked out (and never will), but instead, I play trumpet and Percussion.

2) This song is really important to me because it shows that if you really want something, then you should go for it.

Photo by Tom Alicoate

3) On my average Thursday night, I’m usually at marching band rehearsal. The rehearsal usually lasts from 6–9pm. I stay until 9:30, helping my marching band section, the Pit, move band equipment from the stadium back to the Percussion Studio and practice room.


Susan B. Anthony inspires me because she fought for what she believed in. She taught me that it is okay to be yourself, and I really admire that.

My dad’s facebook

My father also inspires me. He helped me by always being there for me, like I should be there for others. He taught me how to do other important things, like being a good friend.

My dad’s facebook

My grandfather also inspires me. He taught me the most important lesson I’ve learned, “Do it right the first time, or don’t do at all.”

John H. White, Pulitzer Prize winning Photojournalist

A dream of mine when I’m older is to study some type of art (so like music, photography, art, etc.). I’ve always relied on art as a way out of all the problems I have.


Technology represents America to me because lots of Americans have technology around them.

My Dad’s Facebook page

Both Sports and social media represent America. We take pride in having good sports teams, as well as awesome Instagram pages.

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