On Capitalism’s Scandal: And Building Our Alternative Economy

If you think that the only economy is western capitalism, and only people who get paychecks are doing “real” labor, you have bought into one of the lies and scandals of western modernity. This economy is and has always been based on exploitation of women and people of color (of which many are women). The people who have most resisted this collective violence, who if we had listened to them decades ago we would not be here facing this collective emergency, often died in poverty or in jails (locked up as political dissidents). They were doing real labor. Just like every single mom managing caring for children 24–7 is doing real labor, though society never cuts her a paycheck or recognizes her labor. That’s capitalism. It lies to us.

Also: To fight capitalism, to have the training to fight this system, is an unpaid position. One thing I know deeply in my life is there is an alternative economy that people create in synergy and out of collective love, and that economy must become the norm. It is that alternative economy that buoys my life and the life of many activists I know. It is so interesting right now for me to see the communities absolutely rushing in to help distribute resources to activists on the front lines; then, there are entire groups of people clinging to the resources of their lifeboat while we are all about to die in a collective toxic sea.

I cannot encourage you enough to celebrate alternative economies and to recognize it is these economies that push back on white supremacy, ableism, and patriarchy. These economies will be our collective survival. Capitalism and all its lies we have imbibed will kill us. We are very close to that collective death. The new administration is the outcome of hundreds of years of an economy built on death, built on deciding who has a right to resources and who does not, who has a right to a decent life with clean water and food. They will build a war economy to get rich, and pretty soon all your stocks will be worthless, anyways. You, too, might not have a place to live or money for food. It could happen. Think about that. Think about what happens when this administration lures us into global war.

Now is the time to redistribute whatever resources you have, to move out of individual survival, and build a collective response. Every resource matters right now. Identity what yours is and contribute it.

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