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The Local Government Ombudsman (aka LGO, LGSCO, or whatever it’s called these days) is a sham organization. It is also weak, random, illogical and, in a word, useless. It is pretty much a parasitic organization that no one really needs, since it accomplishes nothing useful for society. Even worse, it does more harm than good, since it merely wastes people’s time and taxpayer’s money. We will see how in this article.

«The philosopher must study and learn logic. For he must be capable of defending himself against deceptive talk.» -Zeno of Citium

The players in this saga: The Complainant; Mr Andrew Hobley; Ms Jackie Foster.

– – –

In 2018 I reported to the LGSCO what I believed (and still do) were numerous examples of maladministration by Haringey Council. What is interesting, is that these were similar maladministration issues that I had previously reported to the LGO in 2014, in a complaint that was fully upheld, and for which Haringey Council paid me compensation on the suggestion of the LGO.

This is interesting. In a court of law, there is such a thing called « Argument from Precedent». This basically means that if two cases (in this instance, complaints), are similar, then no one would expect for a decision for the second case, be not only very different, but diametrically opposed to the first. The contradiction would be glaring, and most people would not fall for such a trick. Whilst the LGO is not a court of law, it would not be unreasonable to expect than a public body that is supposed to make a judgement (whether it is based on laws, or regulations, or just common sense and basic logic ) about claims of maladministration, arrives at an impartial and, as far as possible, objective judgement about a complaint and about the alleged maladministration.

But as we will see, to the LGO, it really does not matter what the facts are, and how well you can argue about them: it will always find every possible excuse, no matter how weak, to dismiss the complainant’s arguments and the facts. In the 2 years I have wasted with the LGO, I had the admirable idea of starting to study argumentation. For those of you who don’t know about it, it has nothing to do with quarrelling. That is what everybody and their dogs does. Argumentation goes back to the times of Aristotle, and even earlier. In a word, it is about spotting fallacies, irrelevance, and even nonsense, in another party’s argument, (and your own) through the use of logic, and putting forth a robust argument (if you have one) based not only on logic, but also on facts and plausibility.

We will see how pretty much everything the LGO says, is riddled with nonsense. This organization assumes that the complainant is basically stupid. Think I am exaggerating? Let’s start by having a look about what other people are saying about this farcical organization, through Google reviews:


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