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How our actions can have tragic consequences

Photo by: WATERFRAME, ALAMY / National Geographic

With more than 8 billion people on this Earth, each and every one of us produces waste. The problem is we are producing waste that is not degradable leaving us with garbage that will not go away. This is affecting our ecosystem, wildlife, economy, and even ourselves. Sea life is disturbed with the vast amounts of garbage that is in our ocean. Our cities are littered with trash because people are too lazy to properly dispose their waste. We need to come up with solutions on how to deal with the overload of waste that we produce.

The damage that has been done

According to Peter…

Why people should get up and be active

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The human body is such a wonder of nature. It gives us various capabilities on what we can do in life. Originally our bodies were built and programmed to always be moving. There’s one problem though, we have stopped moving. “In less than two generations, physical activity has dropped 20% in the U.K., 32% in the U.S., and in China the drop is 45% in less than one generation.” — How can we fix this?

How the problem occurs

Most people in the world are not doing hard manual labor as they did in the 1800’s and before, office jobs have took over…

Kyle Blitvich

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