The Explosion of Location-Based Virtual Reality: Now & Future

HP, Black Box VR and VRstudios, Inc. Joined VR Intelligence

Kathryn Bloxham
Sep 24, 2019 · 3 min read

Although most VR hardware and experiences currently cost too much for the average consumer, Location-Based Virtual Reality (LB VR) is showing great promise as a consumer gateway to VR. Taking advantage of the consumer technology gap, LB VR is somewhat akin to cyber cafes, providing users with a VR headset, a VR backpack PC and custom-designed space to freely experience in VR. Demonstrating the immersive potential of VR in this way is viewed as a potent means of increasing VR awareness (and therefore uptake) amongst consumers. However, applications of LB VR are also diversifying beyond entertainment, with training, education and marketing amongst the many wondering what next steps to take in order the maximize the potential of this nascent and hugely promising technology.

To take an in-depth look at the current state, and future, of location-based VR, VR Intelligence ran an exclusive webinar, The Explosion of Location-Based Virtual Reality: Now & Future. XR Consultant, Columnist and Author, Charlie Fink, moderated the discussion alongside Joanna Popper (Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment, HP), Charles Westerberg (Vice President of Business Development, Black Box VR) and Chanel Summers (Vice President of Creative Development, VRstudios, Inc.). The webinar explored what is really happening in the world of location-based VR, who is making the biggest gains and why, and what the future may hold for this industry still very much in its infancy.

Get the full webinar recording here to explore the following:

· Which VR games, experiences and formats are proving most popular in location-based entertainment? And why?

· LBE is undoubtedly a growing segment for VR… but what challenges are centers and content creators still facing?

· Are purpose built free-roam VR experiences or multi-game VR arcades seeing the biggest growth? And are location-based AR experiences now coming to market and making gains too?

· What does it take to make an experience stand out from the crowd and get returning customers who spread the word?

· How is location-based VR diversifying beyond entertainment into training, education, marketing and more — and what does this mean for the rise of the technology more broadly?

Get the full webinar recording here

The webinar was run in association with VR Intelligence’s upcoming VRX Conference & Expo, taking place December 12–13, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel. Expecting more than 600 senior attendees from across gaming, entertainment, healthcare, retail, automotive industries and more, VRX is the world’s premier B2B immersive tech event for those wishing to use XR to boost ROI, propel their business forward and engage consumers through immersive, innovative experiences. More information can be found on the website:, or please contact Kathryn Bloxham directly.

Kathryn Bloxham
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Kathryn Bloxham

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Head of Innovation at VRX — #VRX2019 (Dec 12–13, San Francisco)

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