Dropbox Alternatives: Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Services 2018
Vanina Ivanova

I’ve been looking for alternatives to dropbox with the same exact features. I used to use SUGARSYNC back in my college days when it was free, I loved the app and it allowed you to sync multiple folders fairly easily. The best part is that it kept separate windows installation folders on the cloud so if i had to reformat or whatnot, the backups would always be separated there.

Dropbox has been growing as an issue for me. Their prices are way too expensive for my use, specially since most of the information I have on DBox is backed up research info from my graduate studies and college. It’s information I don’t want to lose but it’s also not something I need daily access to anymore. A few months back I suggested dropbox to provide one time payments for x amount of space either, small amounts of space at the time for lets say 20 dollars or a big amount just like PCLOUD offers now. They didn’t give me much of an answer… It may be a company motto, or the way they finance their product or whatever… But, for a student the prices from dropbox are absolutely ridiculous.

PCloud on the hand, I just discovered it and it’s the same thing as dropbox, but improved on many aspects. First off, IT’S ALOT CHEAPER. Even the annual or month to month plans are significantly cheaper than Dbox. I don’t know how their speeds work I’m assuming they might be slower given the prices and since the company isn’t nearly as big, but that changes over time normally. I’m actually seriously considering purchasing the 2TB lifetime plan since that would allow me to backup all my research data (not just the documents but actual raw files too). This is a very unique service I think being provided and for the price unbeatable.

Another sour experience I’m starting to have with dropbox is the fact that they are giving free space to people who help on their forums. Sure, it’s nice to have such an option, but from my experience in those forums, it only took 12hrs before some “EXPERT” guy started being hostile towards me because they think they know everything and they know it better than anyone. Welcome to the Internet I suppose, not worth my time dealing with garbage like that for a chance at some measly amounts of space.

Just my 2 cents.

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