I sold my family on the concept of #TheRanakas long ago, says Dineo

Mzansi Magic’s The Ranakas won over the internet when it finally made its TV debut this week, but Dineo Ranaka says that the reality show was a long time coming.

The show, which documents the life of Dineo’s family, topped the Twitter trends list on Thursday, as fans flocked to social media to give the show the thumbs up.

While the entire episode drew general praise, Dineo’s mom and dad quickly stole the show.

Taking to Twitter after the show’s debut, Dineo thanked her fans for their support

She later took to Instagram to explain that she had told her family about the idea for The Ranaka’s long ago

“My father just told me how he remembers how I sold them the concept of Dineos Diary and The Ranakas looong before my 30’s, and then he said, ‘Dineo, no matter how hard it gets, don’t stop. You are a visionary woman and your visions are manifesting,’” she said.

Dineo went on to explain that despite the challenging times she felt incredibly blessed. “I am so blessed to live to see the day that God has made — I believe now more than ever that God can indeed do anything for you — He will provide for you,” Dineo added.

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Originally published at Trends Magazine.