Mdu is happy to be your Mkhulu bae …but he’s taken!


He stole the hearts of many when he showed up at Mandoza’s funeral in his fresh threads, but humble musician Mdu Masilela or Mkhulu bae if you prefer, is just happy to have your attention.

Mdu’s appearance at the funeral saw the muso trend, as the nation crowned him their new “Mkhulu bae”, and speaking to Move recently he admits that he is “humbled” by the attention.

But it might not be for the reasons you think.

“I am enjoying all the love not because I want girls, but because this baeness issue has united black South Africans over something that is positive. It is good that we are celebrating each other as black people,” he tells the magazine.

And the kwaito veteran has certainly won in his battle to unite the nation — in thirst.

The internet is filled with memes and messages paying tribute to the man and his good looks.

Just take a look:

But sadly Mdu is taken. Sad face. And he credits his wife with helping him look good.

“I maintain a positive lifestyle. I take care of myself both spiritually and physically. I also have a good wife who takes care of me and is not bothered by the attention I get from other woman,” he says.

Originally published at Trends Magazine.

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