Palesa Madisakwane opens up about co-parenting with Somizi



TV personality and businesswoman Palesa Madisakwane has revealed that while she and Somizi try their best to give their daughter, Bahumi, a normal life, it’s almost impossible to turn a blind eye to the negative publicity they’re often subjected to.

Speaking to Move! Palesa opened up about the time when she and Somizi, who is openly gay, fell pregnant with Bahumi, saying that they “had no plans for the future”.

“Somizi and I were young when we fell pregnant and had our daughter. We were in each other’s lives but had no plans for the future,” she told the local publication.

“Now that Bahumi is an adult and most people know who her parents are, we never once thought of hiding it from the media. People will always talk and sometimes be convinced that they know you, but they actually don’t.”

Palesa further admitted that having to raise Bahumi with a well-known SomGAGA often comes with bad publicity, which can hardly be avoided, but asserted that despite this, they have tried to give her normal life.

“When it comes to raising Bahumi, we try our best to give her a normal life, even though it’s hard to avoid bad publicity.”

During an interview with Sunday World last year, Somizi explained that he was very well aware that he wasn’t a heterosexual when he fathered Bahumi.

“When I fathered a child, I already knew I was not a straight guy,” he said.

“I did everything knowing very well I was gay. I could have been bisexual, but definitely not straight.”

Originally published at Trends Magazine.

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