‘Seeing her pain broke my heart’ — Norma Gigaba shows support to Ayanda Ncwane


Norma Gigaba has opened up about the heartbreak she felt as she comforted the widow of late gospel icon Sfiso Ncwane.

The wife of Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba took to Instagram on Tuesday morning to explain that she had been with Ayanda Ncwane for much of Monday.

She described it as “ the saddest day of my life” and said that there was an overwhelming feeling of shock in the house.

“I spent the whole day with my friend Ayanda Ncwane until midnight, still hoping someone will say it was not true, it was only a bad dream from which we’d all wake up,” she wrote.

Norma said that she was left heartbroken and speechless by the pain that Ayanda was going through in the hours following her husband’s death.

“Seeing my friend going through so much pain really broke my heart. I always thought that I was strong, but yesterday I ran out of words. I’m going to be with her again today but I’m still out of words,” Norma wrote.

Ayanda trended on Monday evening as fans flooded the service with messages of support and prayer for her and the Ncwane family.

Among the dozens of celebrities who paid tribute to Ayanda was Pearl Thusi. The Quantico star took to Twitter on Monday evening to express her hope that Sfiso Ncwane’s music would keep his wife strong.

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Originally published at Trends Magazine.