Top 10 Tweets of the Month: Part 1

This is a new segment I’m going to start doing each month to show appreciation for the funniest and greatest tweets I come across on Twitter.

1. This hilarious tweet perfectly sums up the importance of dating someone who looks attractive at multiple times of the day

2. This zany lad humorously suggests that you should be sexually attracted to your girlfriend, even when she’s in your bed with her pants off

3. This wacky tweet is especially relatable to girls who cradle 17 soft tacos in their lap every night before bed

4. This young lady absolutely destroyed the stigma that women are only edible at certain times of the day

5. We all know that awful feeling when the heat in your house stops working so you have to warm up your body with 22 beefy mini quesadillas

6. Take notes, fellas 🤣

7. When you’re trying to go to sleep but your girl isn’t finished eating her 9th XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito in your bed yet <<<<<<<

8. Omg Cody! 😂

9. With only 1 total like, Twitter user, lynnxo23 completely flew under the radar with this gem that could easily be dubbed the most underrated tweet of 2018

10. No words for this one 😂