DevJ#0 — Booting up

A little bit of backstory: It's 1 AM. I'm desperately trying to learn a little bit of React and TDD. Everything that I did it's falling apart because of some mixture of "bad-configured-webpack" and "misleading-and-old-written-tutorial". I've decided to take a break and look at some boilerplates on Github. The first one that got my attention was "A highly scalable, offline-first foundation [..]" boilerplate.

Wow, neat-o. I'm still learning React, I don't need any server-side stuff (even though I know how to setup a Express server). Well, let's take a look at the dependencies inside package.json.

93 dependencies + dev-dependencies

What. This is a scam. This ain't no foundation. It's a whole building!

I'm sorry

Jokes aside, it's a well built boilerplate, with a beautifully written documentation and it has some interesting links for noobs trying to write React code like me.

This isn't a sponsor post, I'm just trying to tell a story

And then, it snapped.

Actually, It snapped 2 times

First snap: Since last week I was talking with some work colleagues about we create a Medium Publication.

Second snap: A colleague o' mine called me "Module Boy"… because I like to discover new Node packages, Sublime and VSCode extensions, etcetera, etcetera.

That's it. From this day forward, I shall share knowledge via this medium!

(It's 2 AM now)

It's alive