The Fashion Capital of the world has gone mainstream casual. While the Paris Fashion Week runway may still be haute couture — despite the reappearance of clunky, chunky throwback boots — the street scene is anything but. Gone are dressy work shoes and spiked heels. Dressing down seems to be…

Art Replaces Grain and Futures: Bourse de Commerce Renovated

L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped, Paris, 1961–2021
On View: September 18-October 3, 2021

Shimmering silver and bounded by red recyclable rope, Christo’s and Jean-Claude’s last project drew throngs of visitors on opening weekend. With the Champs-Elysées closed to vehicle traffic and security guards and police carefully monitoring comings and goings, the…

from my blog:

Twenty years ago as the Twin Towers disintegrated into a cloudy gray mass of ash, I was on a Lufthansa plane diverted to Gander, Canada. There, on the ground, inside the airplane we sat in stunned silence for twelve hours. Outside our window were scores of…

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. “— Albert Einstein

Gone. Vanished. Almost as quickly as cicadas swarmed the Washington, DC, area this spring, no trace remains, and my late summer, early evening strolls are not the same. …

Kathy Borrus

Non-fiction book author, freelance writer on art, culture, travel. Passionate mom, tennis player, skier, biker. Most recent books: Notre Dame de Paris & Stubby.

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