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I guess it is by the Spirit who dwells within us (John 14:15–27), if I understand you right-apart from the Bible?

I hear from God, at least I think, if the Bible does not match up my life and He is my top and most important priority in my life. And sometimes, I hear from God through others, even though I don’t know whether that is exactly from Him. I know this because I know where others’ desire is at if I know them well enough, I guess… For example, my mentor’s top desire and heart is on the Lord (I can see through her), that she is so evident of Kingdom-living. Because of this, I know that. she is God’s messenger, if I put in that way. Furthermore, sometimes it is my gut feeling.

Everybody is different but I think the best method at hearing God is through the Bible. If the Bible matches with anything, then I think it is fine.