The Loneliness of a President

Donald Trump, like many septuagenarians wastes many precious hours blathering and yelling at his television set as if it’ s flesh and bone with the capacity to hear and respond. This habit is symptomatic of loneliness- an affliction shared by millions of aged folks who live alone and suffer from the early stages of dementia. Pathetic and sad, it seems to fill a void that springs from little to do, nothing or no one to love and nothing to look forward to!

One would not expect a billionaire and busy President of the United States to share an affliction suffered by multitudes of elderly citizens! By the nature of the office he has a lot to do. He should have loads of love from his beautiful, youthful wife, four grown children, a minor son and a passel of grandchildren. As to looking forward to something each day, he should relish the challenge of Making America Great-baseball cap and all! His plate is joyously full with a smorgasbord of opportunities that few will ever experience!

His image of a lonely person is puzzling, given the richness of opportunity & importance. If the President embraced the spirit of Lady Liberty & what she stands for, just imagine what he could accomplish! Instead of a divided America he could champion unity & inclusiveness. He could stand for world peace, a livable environment , a decent wage, affordable healthcare, modern jobs, clean air and water and a multitude of other ideas that make America truly great. He could lead the fight against a corrupt, unjust oligarchical political system and restore our republic. His power for positive change is endless. No need to be lonely Mr President!

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