Crime on the Beach

We Americans have let our government steal our lives down to the shoes we wear and the hats we pay sales tax on when we buy them. We’ve surrendered our roads, rails, and air to the so-called “law makers.” Governor Christie punctuated the sentence we suffer at our own hands with a huge exclamation point this July 4th weekend.

He took away the parks. It’s happened before. A few years back, Obama shut down all the parks. It’s because the “law makers” are incapable of doing their jobs. Scofflaws they all are. Where and when did our governments become the sole arbiter of the land we live in? And how do we allow them to dictate where and when we can enjoy OUR PUBLIC PARKS?

I can only imagine that they are punishing us because we hired them to do a job they are incapable of. I’m amazed they are smart enough to realize they are incapable of their jobs and that someone needs to be punished.

In a truly just society the justice would come in the form of punishment for the ones we invited to run our country, states, counties, and cities when they are incapable of doing their job. And the offenses they commit are heinous at best. The list is long; they’ve kept us in perpetual war for more than 200 years, they not only interfere with other countries elections and governments, they forcibly change governments and countries to the core on a regular basis with the “most powerful military the world has ever seen,” and they restrict the use of our land, resources, and people with regulation designed to exert total control of the citizens.

I object to having to pay to enjoy a “public park.” If it was really a public park wouldn’t that indicate that the public owns it? The public paid to set it up, and nature or God or whatever made it. The government just usurped it, put a guard tower at the entrance, filled it with a federally funded job seeker with a badge and a cash register, and the public pays for the whole operation. And I never agreed to a single point of that whole scenario, nor did you, I bet.

I suggest, rather vehemently sometimes, that the punishment for not passing a simple budget and then following it, is no pay for the scofflaws, no per diems, and no government car or any benefits. In fact, the heinousness of their collective crimes should get them long prison terms as soon as they accept the oath of whatever office to which they aspire and are elected.

But, for sure, Governor Christie needs a attitude adjustment of the highest order. I think 5 years in prison would satisfy me. And I think all his gang members should follow suit. Then we can start on the Senate, the House, and the White House. Most of them deserve life terms, but it would make me happy just to fire them all.

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