Fuck You Startup World
Shem Magnezi

I like a lot of this article, but w.r.t. the following section:

> I never had to shift a bit in a C array in my life! […] I don’t fucking care about the complexity of this code block because I can afford another EC2 instance!

Ummm, I’ve done TONS of bit-shifting in C in my life. It’s incredibly useful in fact. Also, anyone who things Big-O complexity is unimportant because you can just add more physical resources obviously doesn’t take budgeting issues very seriously, which is ironic since much of the article seems to pick on wasteful spending (e.g., partying immediately after receiving funding, an example straight out of the article). Also, Big-O mistakes often indicate profound differences in efficiency, nonlinear even. Brute-forcing your way through an inefficient approach by adding resources does not equate to adding an instance (constant), but rather to multiplying your instance count by some factor (polynomial), or squaring your instance count (quadratic), or even requiring more instances by some power of your instant count (exponential).