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A Country Drive

Nick had been chatting to Amelia for a few weeks now and it had slowly heated up. They liked some similar shows and he found her very attractive. When he found out she was interested in exploring her submissive side he was happy to chat, shared some photos and some of his stories — she seemed excited to meet him so he arranged to pick her up one afternoon and go for a drive.

The day seemed to pass incredibly slowly, due to her shifts she only really got up about midday so the morning dragged on waiting for her message. When she finally arrived he checked she was happy to go ahead and went over safe words with her. He wasn’t too sure how far she would want to go but when she cheekily messaged that she was wearing her loose jeans so she could get in and out of them quicker he started to think they might be having a lot of fun.

He set off to meet her, driving slowly until he found a good place to pull in, messaging here where he was within moments she had walked round the corner and slipped in next to him. She was even prettier than the photos she had sent and gorgeous. He reached out to squeeze her leg and welcomed her. She said hello back, looking a bit nervous but also rather excited. She was quite petite, only five foot four, with perky breasts and a pretty smile. He put the car in motion and started driving making some small talk to try and put her at ease.

“Am I Nick or Sir Princess?” He asked smiling at her as he spoke — there was no hesitation in her reply as she told him Sir. “Good girl… Slip your jeans down to your knees carefully and start playing with yourself.”

“Yes Sir.” He felt his cock hardening in his jeans as he watched her wiggled ass slipping the jeans down to her knees. He reached over to gently stroke her legs — the skin was soft and warm under his touch. She started to play with herself and he reached over, joining his fingers with hers. “You really are wet for me aren’t you slut.”

“Yes Sir,” came her breathless reply as his fingers swiftly found her clit and started teasing it whilst he carefully drove them out of the town and into the countryside. It didn’t take long before he could tell she was close to cumming. He quickly found the gateway to a field — a long open road either side giving clear lines of sight if they might be disturbed. He pulled in and turned the engine off, turning to her, he grabbed her by the throat and squeezed gently pulling her towards him and kissing her. She tasted good. His fingers delved down inside her panties, finding her soaking hole he pushed one and then a second inside her, teasing inside her wet pussy as he pressed the heel of his palm on her clit making her whimper.

“Do you need to cum slut?” He whispered in her ear as his fingers returned to rubbing her clit over and over.

“Yes Sir.”

“When you cum I expect you to say ‘Thank You Sir’ every time understood?”

“Yes Sir, please can I cum.”

“Yes slut, cum for me now!”

She arches her back as she reached her peak almost instantly, whimpering out a thank you to her Sir as he brought her off and kept teasing her until she was cuming again almost instantly. Over and over he brought her to orgasm with his talented fingers until finally he sat back looking at her flushed and gasping face. She looked completely out of it. He leaned over to grip her throat and kissed her softly again as she tried to collect her thoughts.

He slid his chair back and slowly undid his jeans pulling out his cock, as soon as she saw it she leaned over and took it greedily into her mouth, sucking it’s length down quickly. Her mouth was warm and wet and gently but with an insistent sucking that made him rapidly harden to his full length. He sighed in appreciation as she bobbed her head up and down his length. Reaching over he squeezed her ass, wondering when he might actually fuck it. Then decided to give her a few spanks which seemed to turn her on even more.

Taking hold of her head he pushed her down a bit more until she was on the edge of gagging before releasing her. It felt divine and he was enjoying himself immensely. He pulled her up to kiss her and saw the look on her face. “What are you thinking Princess?”

“I really want it inside me Sir.”

“Okay… Its a bit too open here, lets find somewhere quieter.”

He straightened himself up but told her to keep her pants down and to keep teasing her clit and to cum if she needed to but to remember to thank Sir. Putting the car into gear he reached out to stroke her leg as they drove away. He started looking for a quiet spot as they drove. Unable to resist his fingers slid between her legs again to tease her clit until she orgasmed again. A few more orgasms later and he had found a quiet ish spot. He pulled over and after making her cum once more they slipped from the car and round to the boot.

Opening the boot she sat on the edge and slid her jeans down to her knees. He lifted her legs, pushing her into a crouched ball and enjoyed the view of her wet bare cunt ready for his cock. Seconds later he was bent over her and pushing his cock into her for the very first time. The look on her face and the noises his thrusts pushed out of her mouth were incredibly hot and he began to fuck her slowly, enjoying the sensations. It took only minutes before she warned him she was going to cum on his cock. With his permission granted, she exploded into her first orgasm. Her hands gripped his arms as he braced himself over her and pushed into her deeper and harder.

She felt amazing wrapped around his cock as he looked down at her, eyes closed, lost in the intensity of her orgasms as a second one washed over her. He could have spent hours fucking her but he was aware they were still in public so he pulled out and started to stroke his cock as she slid from the car to crouch down in front of him.

He grabbed her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth, stroking as fast as he could whilst fucking her face. She looked up at him with that wicked, lust-filled look in her eyes and he exploded in her mouth, pulling back he watch stream after stream of cum pulse from his cock filling her mouth as she kept it open showing him everything before swallowing — never breaking eye contact.

Stepping back he caught his breath after the intensity of the orgasm before helping her to her feet. They straightened themselves up and slipped back in the car where he pulled her in close, kissing her and letting both of their heart rates slow down a bit before they headed away.–2/