Sprayed with Chemicals or Drugs and Google Account Hacked by Multiple Perpetrator Stalkers at Johnson County Public Library, Antioch Branch, Again — 10/12/2016

I just signed back on in order to change my password, which I must do daily and someone else is logged on…as per always. Antioch, 10/12/2016 12:27 p.m. I see the Johnson County law enforcement, collectively, is continuing to do their usual fine job in this ongoing, uninterrupted multiple perpetrator slow-kill murder for profit, money and power scheme. Good job boys!! If you had done your job a couple of decades ago my children and I would have never had to endure this in the first place, but since there are dirty cops involved don’t feel bad (since you have no conscience anyway). I’ll just step outside to breathe while the police and perps alike (who can distinguish in Johnson County anymore?) continue to buy Tom Carew, EVP of Lansing Grain, Overland Park, Kansas, more time, cover this tracks and try to continue to incriminate and cause me to become sick with cancer. — Kelly Christensen (#KC3Lady)

I need to sign off due to the directed conversation, and someone has once again sprayed something in here, on or near me, which I cannot breathe. Antioch, Johnson County, Kansas 10/12/2016 12:09 p.m.

Repeated threats received that “You will do what Tom tells you to do.” Then lame crap about multiple perpetrators playing “Tom” — who is Carew, but trying to cover the main perps as*es (including the Mission Police Department and the dirty City of Mission judge — threats received “Don’t say another word about the MPD) rather than convict the criminals.