Marie “Check” Francis Schrader Life, Death and Obituary

by Kelly (KC3Lady) Christensen

Marie “Check” Francis Schrader Obituary

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by Kelly (KC3Lady) Christensen

Note: This was proofread when originally entered, but my posting have been hacked even as I attempt to enter them at the perpetrator filled (and employees in some cases, including branch managers) Johnson County Kansas Public Libraries, specially Antioch and Cedar Roe. Therefore, if a signed or sworn statement is needed of anything enter (which generally has the actionable, criminal or “punchline” removed or edited), print and hand deliver to KC3Lady, Kelly Christensen, 5521 Beverly Lane, Apt. B, Mission, Kansas 66202. Not responsible for perpetrator hackings or edits, and this information is only being published publicly due to local law enforcement’s absolute refusal to document, investigate and aid in prosecutions of the criminals, or provide an appropriate law enforcement agencies that will, but in some cases have not just passively refused to do their jobs but actively engaged in the intimidation, identity theft, obstruction of justice, and various aspects of the slow-kill deniable murder for sex, power and money scheme.

This is my late mother’s obituary. She has several markings on her life and her death may also need to be investigated as a slow kill deniable gangstalking murder in the Kansas City, Missouri, Clay County Jurisdiction, and having worked out of the Claycomo office of The Kansas City Star (including, but not limited to investigating induced cancer with the use of electronic weapons, asbesto-infecting, insurance fraud, identity theft, harvesting, Social Security, etc.)*

Marie “Check” Francis Schrader Obituary

Kansas City, Mo.
Marie “Check” Frances Schrader, 58, Kansas City, Mo., died Thursday, March 16, 2006, after a courageous battle with lung cancer. Funeral services were Monday at the Alden-Harrington Funeral Home with burial in the Bonner Springs Cemetery. Visitation was Sunday at the funeral home. [Note: my late mother’s middle name was “Francis,” not “Frances.”]
Mrs. Schrader was born Nov. 20, 1947, in Kansas City, Kan. She grew up in Bonner Springs and attended Bonner Springs High School. She was an accomplished writer and artist as well as an avid gardener. She was employed by the Kansas City Star for several years and had also worked at the J.C. Penney Distribution Center in Lenexa. See compartmentalized The Kansas City Star obituary, maintained by Legacy after displaying for one year — thus, you can not read the full obituary without paying a fine.
She was preceded in death by her father, Thomas Fred Mize, in 2001. Survivors include three daughters, Kelly Christensen, Kansas City, Mo.; Toni Carver and husband, Terry, Shawnee; Alfi DeLeon (my edit: childhood nickname “Fred”) and husband, Roberto, of the home; two sons, Gail Schrader and wife, Lucy, Kansas City, Mo.; and Michael Schrader, Kansas City, Mo.; her mother, Clara Mize, Bonner Springs; three sisters, Darlene Chambers and husband, Tom, Kansas City, Kan.; Gloria Smith, Bonner Springs; and JoAnn Letourneau and husband, Tom, Lenexa; 10 grandchildren, Amber, Ashley, Jacob, Sydney, Madison, Cori, Ty, Mercedes, Elizabeth and Amy; and two great-grandchildren, Ryan and Grant. [Note: My grandson, Grant, is the oldest great-grandchild, not Alfi’s daughter Ashley’s son, Ryan].
Arrangements: Alden-Harrington Funeral Home, 204 Oak St., Bonner Springs, KS 66012, (913) 422–4074.
Family of Origin Attempting to Rewrite History, Which Is Gaslighting

My Mother Found Love

After a rough start of becoming pregnant with me by Dale Reynolds while in Bonner Springs High School in the 1960’s, which resulted in being expelled, my mother went to business school. Her grandmother, Ruth Mize, paid for it, and as my mother told the story was the only one to stand by her after Dale deserted her to marry another “woman” he had been seeing after dropping my mother off at her midnight curfew. The other woman got off work at a gas station at midnight, and was also pregnant by Dale. Hence, my half-sibling Robin, which Dale stated in 2006 had died “just like you [me] nearly died, was only six months younger. Dale’s mother also helped babysit me as a baby, even though Dale and his new wife moved in right next door to Cora, which certainly must have been difficult for my mother, needing the child care but having it “put right in her face” so to speak.
 While attending business school downtown Kansas City, Kansas, as I recall her telling the story many times over the years, she was struck by a car at 7 months pregnant. She said the car was a carload, not a single driver, they knocked her over and they did not even stop to see if she, 7 months pregnant, was okay. That sent her into labor with me, causing me to be born prematurely in the most dangerous 7th month. So I was in an incubator being only 4 pounds, I believe 12 oz. She got a bookkeeping job, an apartment downtown Bonner and even a car. I ingested Drain-o, Dr. May gave me a glass of water causing much more severe damage, and she married the late Gregory NMN Schrader. Twenty-one years and four more children later, she left Greg. He died about a year later.
 Now no one loved my mother more than I did, but as it often goes between childhood sexual abuse survivors and their mothers, there were tumultuous times. Having had a decade to grieve who my mother was, and who she wasn’t, in an honest manner rather than the gaslighting fantasy some family of origin members attempted to force on me, (namely Gloria especially in more than one absolutely vicious verbal assault), I can focus on the good parts of my late mother.
 My mother was a creative genius. She could sew, decorate, paint (toll and collage), and calligraphy, which became several craft businesses over the years. She was a published author and in the Whose Who of Poetry. And yet, she spent the last years of her life delivering newspapers, piecework, in the rain, snow, ice, and heat, for The Kansas City Star, out of their Claycomo office. Worse yet, it was an independent contractor position, so she had the additional tax burden as well. Her enduring the same or similar electronic assault, harassment and trespass that I am current enduring is highly suspected.

  • My mother experience “heat bursts” that she believed to have been menopause for approximately 10 years.
  • I have recently developed symptoms of being the target of multiple perpetrator stalking of barely being able to walk when I get up out of bed, which has greatly worsened since my feet have been struck, especially my right foot in Fairway, Kansas.
  • My mother never took a pill, but was taking something to go to sleep at night (Tylenol PM), leading up to her diagnosis with small cell lung cancer (at least that is what I was told — asbestos was never mentioned to me at that time. However, Toni claimed to Bo that I was going to sue for “my part.” That made no sense. My part of what? The debt on the house?)
  • She was coughing so badly that she would gag, and have to get off of the phone.
  • (She smoked, heavily, but I think stopped immediately, prior to diagnosis at Liberty Hospital (I attempted to warn Liberty Hospital that Tom Carew entered my hospital room in 2005 at 2:00 a.m., impersonating medical personnel).
  • I have reason to believe her eyes may have been harvested.
Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum Carmella, an IKON worker I met while working for Tom Carew at Stinson and remained friends with, encouraged me over two days to call Dale Reynolds, which I did shortly prior to my mother’s death. She was startled and not exactly thrilled to see him. He stepped in her room for a few minutes, then stepped out and told me: “You sure look beat down.” (Workplace mobbing at Stinson (left at the end of October or very beginning of November 2005) and Gangstalking, and my mother died March 16, 2006). In between him telling me a dozen times to look how much better he was doing with his 3rd or 5th or 8th or whatever it is, education, he had this to say about my mother: “Your mother reaped what she sowed and you’re going to too if you don’t stop smoking.” — Dale Reynolds

Dale Reynolds of Grain Valley, MO, 2006 Quote

Dale Reynolds
 Mighty Pearl of Wisdom
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I am happy to say that after my mother divorced Greg, and he died, I introduced her to Wes King, whom I had known for two years. I will never forget the phone call after their first date. She called me, excited and kind of freaked out, and said, “Oh my God, Kelly! I can’t date him. He’s way too good looking!”
 Wes and my mother became very close companions and lovers. They worked on her house together, both being so talented mechanically. Wes is a tall, handsome, intelligent, well-spoken and well-read, mannerly man. He retired from TWA as an airline mechanic, being not just one of the mechanics who worked on the 747’s (I believe it was), but sitting in the office “box” as the consultant the rest of the airline mechanics ask questions of should they not be able to figure something out.
 Now my mother’s father, Tom Mize, did not even work on simple Chevy motors, and Greg could fix a car or finish the basement — while cussing and yelling — but Wes could do all of that and more — without having temper tantrums or being a control freak. It was nearly predictable that my mother’s youngest sister, JoAnn Mize Mackey LaTourneau told Wes something so venomous shortly after the two of them met, that Wes would never even repeat it. It was his class act response to vicious gossip. Equally predictably was Gloria and Toni trying to run and jump on him, since my mother was finally seeing a decent man. 
 In any case, the two of them, Wes and my mother, enjoyed other common interests, such as gardening and landscaping. The two of them landscaped my mother’s entire yard. Both enjoyed learning and reading, talking and listening, especially about politics. My mother also said Wes became a Christian. So, I am happy that my mother finally had a good man in her life for the last 16 or 18 years. Wes stood by her during her illness, too, just as he had raised his own children and taken care of his mother.

Tom Carew to Kelly Christensen, KCMO, Stinson, 2005

Criminally obtaining someone’s medical records assists in inflicting them with something that mimics a believable condition or disease. Additionally, there were five generations alive in my family at this time: four single women and a three year old little boy, regarding medical experimentation.

My Mother’s IRS Problems and Bankruptcy

Just as I never had a tax problem with the Internal Revenue Service prior to working for Tom Carew in 2005, but have had nearly endless tax issues ever since, including that very year, my late mother also had tax problems prior to her death. She had money problems which led to a reorganization bankruptcy.

Obituary excerpt:

He, (Tom Carew’s late father-in-law) continued his career with the Internal Revenue Service, and was selected to the Executive Management Services division where he managed various regional functions and served on a national task force to integrate computer systems.

Computer Hackings

My mother’s computer was hacked so badly that I could not fix it. 
 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 
 * “Radio takes advantage of one of the most interesting of all electrical phenomena: electromagnetic radiation (EMR). EMR waves with frequencies higher than radio waves go by various names, including infared, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays, and — most importantly — visible light. (higher frequency than radio-visible light). The frequency of visible light is measured in billions of hertz, also called trahertz (THz). The low end of visible light (red) is around 405 THz and the upper end (violent) is around 790 THz.” Electronics All-In-One for Dummies, p. 438

According to HAM Radio for Dummies, computers can be hacked using HAM radio equipment.

According to HAM Radio for Dummies, computers can be hacked using HAM radio equipment. It is used to cause the television and radio interference as well.

Asbestos $30 Billion Trust Fund

Now I was prevented, by use of HIPAA, from obtaining information regarding my mother’s medical care, as well as obtaining my late grandmother’s cause of death. However, Toni Carver, married to a known, self-proclaimed Mason, and Alfi were on the HIPAA. However, my mother immediately quit smoking, prior to obtaining care at Liberty Hospital, where she had an excellent, in my opinion and dealings with her, female oncologist. I previously attempted to warn Liberty Hospital, via the internet from the Cedar Roe, Johnson County Public Library, that Tom Carew had impersonated medical personnel in my room, while being treated for dehydration, in-patient, at approximately 2:00 a.m., attempting to obtain my signature for a gastrointestinal surgery I did not need. (These medical bills were a part of a bankruptcy discharged in late 2007, the original documentation of which disappeared from my Mission, Johnson County, Kansas apartment, which was entered during the May 2014 absence. I know that it was entered, and that my personal documents were gone through, for certain). He also wanted to know, at 2:00 a.m., if I was sexually abused as a child. (He is doing to full grown women what pedophiles do to children).

There is a $30 BILLION trust fund for asbestos victims. So I was like, “Oh my gawd!” Could murderers, rapists, thieves, pedophiles, gangstalkers actually INFECT someone with asbestos? I guess I was ask one of the helpful Johnson County JURISDICTION law enforcement officer while they’re busy covering their corrupt as*es and trying to set me up. (Do not even ask me if this is sarcasm via directed conversation) I mean just because NKC Hospital, during the 2005 workplace mobbing at Stinson while working for Tom Carew and simultaneous and ongoing gangstalking, x-rayed my chest and thought I had a lump. Now Little Tommy, handed me a stack of computer printouts and stated, in person, at Stinson, when I worked for him in 2005, “These are medical records we’re not supposed to have, so be sure to shred them.”

However, NKC Hospital medical staff, using Stinson insurance as I recall, returned to tell me that my esophagus had been “moved over.” Could this have been asbestos stuffing? I would imagine, but I do not know, and am certainly not giving legal advice, that smoking would reduce such a claim. So, for example as was the case with my late mother, if someone INSTANTLY QUIT SMOKING, would that facilitate deception and fraudulent or criminally obtained claimed by next of kin, or maybe some lunatic criminally obtaining a POA, etc.?


Mothers Forced to Choose

My mother said to me prior to her death that she, “had to choose which of her kids lives or dies.” More recently, since I have been in Mission, Kansas, I was told I did not have to make this choice (as the mother), meaning which of my children (daughters it appears) will be infected with a rare disease and which will be forced into an abusive marriage, since I only have one child. I responded to these false choices of either or presented to me, attempting to hand me the responsibility and/or false guilt regarding a band of psychopaths and their criminal acts. I do not have to choose any such thing, nor am I responsible for your criminal behavior. These psychos are going to do what they are going to do, at least until law enforcement does their jobs, they just prefer to blame it on someone else. 
 Additionally, I see these markings in others I have known. For example Nancy, whose daughter Maddy is suffering from a rare disease. Nancy stated to me in 2009/2010 that her ex-husband is a Mason and a lawyer. Also, she has concerns I do not want to publicly state about her other daughter who is close to her father.