I am not a lampshade.
Marisa Kabas

I think your article is excellent. In my opinion it s not only the Jewish people that need to become more aware of the hitler beliefs that Donald Trump is spewing, but all races that my object to being ruled by a fascist group who will have you murdered because you do not believe as they do. This country is on the brink of falling into the same rhetoric and dictatorial system the German people who remained silent fail into because they would not stand up and object.

I am a veteran, I have seen the carnage of innocent men and women in war because a select group wanted to rule. And now the country I fought for and defended is under attack and there are those who are trying to tell us of these dangerous people. These are the ones that will be silenced by the oppressors first, the news media, the free internet network, those who oppose the dictators, and just those the oppressors do not like.

I have seen this before, and now it is in my country spewing one lie after another and there are those who are stupid enough to blindly follow him. Wake up America.