How to schedule and post on Instagram automatically.

Hi, my name is Kevin and I am the developer of ToastGram. This is a tutorial on how to schedule and post images on Instagram automatically using ToastGram.

ToastGram is a tool that uploads scheduled Instagram posts automatically.

Step 1: Head over to Homepage

Step 2: Register for an account by clicking the ‘register’ link. Register Page

Step 3: Link your Instagram account to your ToastGram account. Please note that only one Instagram account can be linked to one ToastGram account in 1.0.1.

Contact support if you are unable to link your Instagram account. Please note accounts flagged by Instagram for spam are not allowed.

ToastGram Instagram Account Setup Page

Step 4: You will now be redirected to the main app.

ToastGram Main App

Step 5: Subscribe to ToastGram Basic Plan

Clicking on “Add New Schedule” will redirect you to ToastGram available plans.

ToastGram Plans

After subscribing, you will receive an email for the activation of your account within 10 minutes. Once your account is activated, you are now ready to schedule your posts.

Step 6: Click “Add New Schedule”

ToastGram Scheduling

Step 7: Upload your image by clicking “Choose File”. Your image must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Max resolution: 1080 (height) x 1350 (width) pixels
  • JPEG/JPG extension

Step 8: Add your caption. 😂 Emojis and #hashtags are enabled. Simply type them inside the text field titled “Caption”.

Note that the maximum caption length is 2200 characters.

Step 9: Select your date and time for the post to be posted. Please select a time and date that is ahead of the current time/date.

Step 10: Select your timezone for the date and time you want your image to be posted in. E.g If you want to target people living in the UK, select GMT.

Step 11: Click “Schedule My Post”

Step 12: View your upcoming posts in the main app.

ToastGram Upcoming

Step 13: Wait for the time to come.

Step 14: Profit.

Thank you for reading! If you need any help, or have any queries, please hop on our live support during our operating hours 9–5pm, or send us an email which can be found in here.

This post is brought to you by ToastGram. Start scheduling your posts today!