Smart Vehicle Interface Entertains Drivers Stuck in Traffic

Kecheng Sun

Jan 07, 2017

The phenomenon of traffic jam has become an ubiquitous and recurring nightmare that irritates millions of drivers everyday. For decades, drivers stuck in traffic have faced extreme boredom and exhaustion, and a complete solution to this problem is yet to come. My teammate and I have worked hard to ease that pain, and we remain positive that our new design, a smart vehicle entertainment interface, will benefit a large number of drivers in the future.

Essentially, this entertainment interface is a multifunctional touchscreen system that is able to offer drivers trapped in traffic a wide variety of entertainment selections such as movies, music, live show, sports games, news, etc. The proceeding categories of entertainment are listed on the interface mainscreen. Drivers are free to make any choice; assuming music is what is chosen. Then different music genres such as rock, R&B, country, rap are displayed, allowing drivers to specify their preferred music. Once drivers select R&B for example, three branches popout, each of which shows “Artist”,”Album”, and “Search”. This allows drivers to find their songs easily.

In order to perfect this multifunctional system, we need to consider the following questions. First of all, since the system has to store a huge amount of data, how to update the system efficiently? Another question is what could we have done to minimize the risks because drivers have to interact with the system while paying attention to situations on roads.

Although the system can be improved by solving the proceeding questions, it’s powerful features are undeniable. The system prevents drivers from getting bored when trapped in traffic; the system is fairly simple to interact with; the diversity of entertainments is unlimited; It’s like a smartphone, but more powerful and versatile.

The system has great potential because it’s applicable in many situations. Buses, trains, airplanes can all apply this system or passengers will get bored otherwise. Passengers will be able to get information about the destination they’re traveling to and which tourist attraction is most recommended. People lifting or doing cardio in gym are potential users because they are only physically engaged. Meanwhile, they can find fitness tutorial via a distance learning tool offered by the system, or they can listen to the commentary of a live football game. On the other hand, we don’t recommend users using in classrooms because students should pay attention to the lecture instead of finding something to have fun with.

Convenient, straightforward and powerful, the smart vehicle entertainment interface will prevail and become the icon of our future.

(Top: Teammates and I presenting our design)

(Bottom: Teammates and I brainstorming ideas and drawing the interface)

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