Getting Over Uber
Susan Crawford

Yep, your narrowing down the truth about Uber you hit the nail on the head for the drivers! But I don’t think it’s the taxi like service people like, I think it maybe the payment system! Is on the thin side now but still new and exciting. The schedule imply freedom! but in most ways it’s really more like working as a modern-day slave now, I don’t think that’s bad if it’s lead properly. The structure can change life as we know it. Example taking six or seven 50 - 100 billion dollar companies with this type of platform utilizing Bill Gates , Warren Buffett and probably the Catholic Church they have too much of other people’s money! Uber, Airbnb etc. The company I’m planning to raise capital for. Flip this platform backwards and upside down design and algorithm that balances geometric growth, C Corp bean stock and this type of platform find the average of the average of the average equals an algorithm for the payout. The flow cycling that money for jobs like Uber This will solve or reduce greatly poverty and welfare as we have a certain level paid by time people put in to keep the system running. Now this can be service industry as a whole and some white collar can fit in the system. This is really done mathematically and the organization is done by a series of apps computers and so forth we have the technology now and we have the money but the question is who will share and organize?

I think if Uber did it somewhat like this they would make more money because we’re getting more of the whole.

This is just a reality that hasn’t been formed yet but its on its way I would think.

This is pretty much the way they are doing business in Arizona so I’m sure I have no doubt the business structure is the same even though they step behind the curtains and jump through chaos to mislead the truth.

The drivers they are blinded by the little weekly cash they receive disguised as making money but they are essentially providing rides for free after taking the added mileage off, maintenance and deappreciation of the soft costs that will catch up slowly individually based, is where one takes the hit. Thier response is we don’t know how much it costs to operate your car hints buried! The lies and daily cover ups are truly professional just as if they’re in court everyday know what, where, why and how to say what they want by emailing and a lot of times don’t even answer. Never a phone call which truly truly makes this a SOULLESS company that makes their drivers text and drive makes no sense. They take all the meat off the bone . The company has access to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of inventory at no cost sadly a brilliant concept turned into a greedy business. How they should happily be giving the drivers more because giving them a little more will make them want to go out and do it now they’re fighting against it. There are running off new is exciting stuff wait until that dissipate.

They continue to tear up and defy court systems townships, states and countries and that’s okay it’s only a ride and in some ways their responsibility is to please The Rider and the driver just make sure the drivers are paid for what they’re doing cutting it to the bone I think someone should stand up like Mark Cuban or Howard Schultz and say drivers will offer you part of our company if you leave uber! Watch a 50 billion dollar company fold from being so close to accomplishing and balancing simple brilliance. The next step is servitude slaves backwards you achieved that intellect you know what I mean?

WHY the driver run a spreadsheet it’s pretty clear. they squeeze out every penny possible WHY? You guys are right there in every way but I haven’t walked in your shoes I would like to see though.