A new season is upon us. Are you ready for change?

Learn to be flexible
Learn to be flexible

Whenever there is a change in course or a shift, whether it be globally or individually there is a natural tendency to put walls up. This is an innate protection mechanism, to shield our person and armor what we value.

Of late, we have had several changes that may have caused some ripples in our own life. Political changes, weather changes, energetic changes…many of which are out of our hands.

How can we deal with these outside influences that affect everything from our mood to our bottom line?


There are several obstacles to overcome as an entrepreneur, but here’s the biggest one…

The #1 Obstacle to Overcome in Business by Kc Rossi | Business Coach.
The #1 Obstacle to Overcome in Business by Kc Rossi | Business Coach.


Throughout the years, one of the most common issues I’ve seen arise for solopreneurs is questioning if they are good enough. Insecurity is a big issue and can paralyze even the sharpest, most talented people across all industries.

A natural reaction for most creatives

Previously, I attended the Becoming Boss, №3; which is an event organized by Sarah Knight of Roc Girl Gang, in Rochester, NY.

Even in Sarah’s opening welcome speech, she talked about negative comments running through her head when she first decided…

Need to “niche down” but aren’t sure where to start? Read on.

Narrow your niche to standout in the marketplace by Kc Rossi | Business Coach.
Narrow your niche to standout in the marketplace by Kc Rossi | Business Coach.

I think many solopreneurs try to be everything to everyone.

Maybe it’s our “can do” attitude, our desire to please, and/or our fear of losing out. However, when you create a narrow niche it makes you stand out in the marketplace!

Interestingly enough, Merriam-Webster defines the word niche as a specialized market, and a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted.

Honing in on your specialty is equally as important. When we try to appeal to everyone, it can end up…

5 Quick Stress Management Tips for the Solopreneur by Kc Rossi
5 Quick Stress Management Tips for the Solopreneur by Kc Rossi

Stress has been around since the caveman days.

We are no stranger to the “fight or flight” response that is ingrained in us if there is an apparent threat of danger. “Danger” can come in many different forms. In our times, it is not likely it is going to come in the form of a lion chasing us!

But, as a solopreneur, we can experience the same level of intensity, both psychological and physical, with other various stressors like public speaking, meeting deadlines, surpassing expectations, coping with competition, and work-life balance to name a few.

The effects of stress occur…

Wanting to simplify your business? Read on for 4 top tips.

the strength of simplicity
the strength of simplicity

I’ve always been drawn to the complex.

Complex conversations, artwork, landscaping, deep philosophy, and the like. It always seemed like the person knew what they were talking about if it was complex and “meaty.” I don’t think I am alone with this mindset.

However, as I refine my way of thinking and lifestyle, the beauty of simplicity is rising to the top.

Sacrifices for Professional Growth by Kc Rossi, Business Coach.
Sacrifices for Professional Growth by Kc Rossi, Business Coach.

Sacrifice is never easy. Rarely do you find someone who wants to give up something in order to achieve or get something else. It’s easy to have the mindset of “have your cake and eat it too”…which usually isn’t very practical. Especially when it comes to professional growth.

In my years of business networking, I’ve always kept an eye on the ups and downs other business owners experienced. Many lessons can be learned by just observing.

When thinking about the topic of sacrifices for professional growth, three associates came to mind. Companies that grew to be successful at one point…

Why wouldn’t I have a Plan B? Read to find out…

why not having a plan b in business cultivates success
why not having a plan b in business cultivates success

I’m guessing most people cherish security.

Am I right?

I’m a Taurus. The one zodiac sign that craves security throughout life, love, and business. However, being a solopreneur is not always secure. It can be quite the opposite.

I’m here to tell you that it’s OK. It’s more than OK and here’s why.

Because when you have a Plan B in business you get lax.

Yep, it’s true.

It happens to the best of us. It’s much easier to let our fears rule our actions. …

Need to steer back on track? Read on to learn 4 simple steps to manage your time.

You have a “to do” list. It’s a mile long. Somehow just capturing it all down on paper gives you a little mental release. But, now comes the challenge, how do you fit it all in? How can you spend your day working “on” your business instead of “in” your business?

The way I see it is you have 2 options. You can manage your time more efficiently or hire out.

Let’s look at the first one:


1. Waking up earlier is one…

Having a hard time making decisions? Keep reading…

4 ways to be more decisive
4 ways to be more decisive

I was watching The Good Wife on Netflix and the two law partners were trying to decide if they should rent additional floors in their building to expand the practice. They went back and forth about it, and then one of them finally said: “Whenever the last partner couldn’t decide something, he always went back to the mission statement.” The other partner replied, “What mission statement?!?”

That gave me a chuckle and got me thinking about the ways we can support ourselves when it comes to decision making.

Here are 4 ways to be more decisive:

1. Declare Your Mission…

Business Coaching is transformational.

Years ago, one of the only resources for the solopreneur was the Small Business Association, and they would help a new business owner craft a traditional business plan.

Times have changed.

Nowadays, there are thousands of experts that support entrepreneurs so that they can meet the demands of what it takes to own and operate a successful, growing business. Among those experts, are business coaches.

Wikipedia states, “Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training…

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