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Cassandra Shaffer

Hey Cassandra,

I think I got mine from my local ADA American Diabetes Association or whatever state you are in such as Florida Diabetes Association. I called on these groups in the past for work, but they have a lot of good nutritional info for free on their website and will also send you info for free. I don’t have Diabetes, but their meal plans and tips are great. It’s all about sugar and how your body processes it. I can tell you how this works if you need, but in a nutshell anything that has sugar, naturally occurring or processed ends up turning into fat. When you eat sugar your pancreas produces insulin, blood sugar spikes and turns it to fat. This doesn’t mean you can’t have sugar just have to be conscious about how much you eat. For instance, you never want to eat anything that has more than 15 grams of sugar per serving. I try to keep it below 10 grams and I say try! For example, flavored yogurt typically has 20 grams of sugar! That’s a candy bar! Even though it’s “fat free” it’s full of sugar. That is usually the trade off. Start looking at labels and you will see that all fat free is loaded with sugar. I check all my labels at the grocery store and compare the two. Sorry, tangent over.

Also. check apps for your phone and amazon. CalorieKing has a good one for free I think.

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