Why Having the Truth on Your Side Means Very Little These Days
Emjay Em

I have 3 teachers in my family, so this resonates with me. What came to mind is how I viewed my biology teacher and cheerleading coach. I loved this woman and thought she was super cool, but could never imagine her having a life outside of school! So, imagine my surprise when I ran into to her at a well known bar my sophomore year of college. Thinking of it now she wasn’t that much older than we were being a several years out of college herself.

I have nothing but respect for teachers and feel you should be highly compensated for all your hard work. Teaching is the one profession that never ends, 24/7 with maybe, if your lucky, 2 months of vacation. You start your day super early and it really never ends between extracurricular work after school, grading papers, working on teaching plan, calling parents, buying classroom supplies etc. All time and money that is not compensated. Not to mention worrying about that trouble student or dealing with an angry parent because “their Johnny would never do that”! So, with that being said my hats off to you. I dont know the specifics of your case amd it really doesn’t matter to me, in my opinion you are a special person because you teach. I wish you the best as you rebuild your career. Be gentle with yourself knowing your truth and that is all that matters.

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