Perhaps I’m paying for my good luck. My uterus, my hormones, my entire feminine machine has been mostly happily trouble-free and has shouldered my life’s burden admirably, all of my life.
Fifty-Something and Female
Lisa Renee

I have never had problems with my periods and for that I was thankful. Last year I started sweating constantly. All day and all night unless I was in an air conditioned room. It was horrible. I became a virtue hermit other than working because I was such a sweaty freak show. I have 2 autoimmune diseases, so I thought it must be something with my meds (I take 8 rx everyday). My rheumatologist kept telling me to get my hormones checked, no I cried I’m only 45!

Then I gained 20lbs in 3 months and they wouldn’t come off! Before I just cleaned up my eating and boom those pesky 10lbs were gone. I had never gained 20! That got my ever expanding ass to the dr quick! Wouldn’t you know it add another auto immune disease, my thyroid, and peri menopause! Now this weight won’t go anywhere, I am so frustrated. I don’t work out hard like I use to because I usually throws me into a flare. But I am going to start going to yoga tonight.

So, here’s hoping that hormone replacement for peri menopause and thyroid starts to work. I am trying to remember when I got old? It literally just snuck up on me one day.

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